Personal health insurance a must, even if you have one from your employer; here’s max Amount you should pay for it

Group Health Insurance

At any point of time People should be completely covered and get as many insurances as possible and there should be no gap in their insurance portfolio, irrespective of thinking about ratios. When asked his framework around what kind of investment one should be making on health insurance or towards their risk management budget, he said, “There actually is no number or fixed ratio to this. If something happens to you, the cost that will be incurred in the overall treatment procedure will go far more than the premium you will be paying for any XYZ insurance. I feel one should keep adding various kinds of insurance to their portfolio.

There is no fixed amount for premiums and overall cost of a health insurance, but it does depend on a lot of factors. “Premiums depend on the type of coverage you are taking, your location, age of the policyholder, by medical inflation, cost of medical technology and advanced treatments you are taking, etc. The overall cover amount also determines the premiums you will be paying for your health insurance

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