About Health Insurance Sahi Hai

Unbiased advice based on real time practical claim experience

Sumit Bhandari

Founder of this Concept

Sumit Bhandari is a Bachelor of Engineering from PEC Chandigarh 1997 Batch. He has worked in Automobile industry for many years. He left engineering domain due to lack of innovation. He is a Certified Black Belt in Six Sigma from ASQ. He has worked in Insurance sector in various capacities. He is a spiritual guy, who plan to retire soon, but love to share his practical insights of HEALTH INSURANCE Industry by this venture.

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Who we are

Health Insurance Sahi Hai is a small group of people dedicated to providing Health Insurance suggestions based on claim experience , original analysis, research and insights . All our offerings are research-based, thorough, and entirely need based, meant as guidance material.

We do this without conflict of interest and bias. We strive to provide credible, transparent and rational suggestions.

What we do

We focus on giving real health insurance information based only on factual information and real time experiences.

We are not giving suggestions to sell policies. We are working with various insurance companies from 2007.  Our recommended companies may or may not have tieup with us . But we never ask you to buy from us, so there is no vested interest. In fact, we forbid clients to ask about purchasing from us during consultation process.

We will wind up consultation most probably in next 5 years as Our promotor is now in semi retirement stage.

Our suggestions and guidelines is also freely available through our Youtube channel. The revenue from ads is used to cover the costs of putting videos etc.

We do not offer any individual Claim assistance services.

We do not offer any individual Claim guidance services.


Health Insurance Sahi Hai team started this journey 15 years back and has served over 1000 plus paid consultation in last 5 years. We are selling Health insurance Policies since 2010. Our sales team has nothing to do with this unbiased consultation process. We don’t ask you to buy from us “EVER “.

Our company history and facts

Health Insurance Sahi Hai is a small group of people dedicated to providing Health Insurance suggestions based on claim experience, original analysis, research and Industry insights . We started offline consultation in in 2012, then ventured into online consultation in 2018 . We have given consultation to many thousand of people. Only 9 people have taken consultation fee refund till now as they could not understand our process. 

Our process of consultation

You Choose your package from our website as per your requirement. We will send you an excel format (with sample data), Use this file to send us your details back by mail in same excel sheet. Then we schedule a time slot to discuss as per mutual convenience. Discussion is mostly over phone call. ( As a practice, We don’t call anyone , so Kindly call us backs at scheduled time) .After discussion , We will send you options ..Rest of the discussion etc will be communicated to you


Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

We love what we do

Since Our team is not dependent on commissions from selling policies and is being paid upfront fee for the advice provided, they are more focused to provide solutions that help resolve the client’s issues. We will not hesitate to tell you to work on your health before you buy a policy. We believe in giving straight forward advice, which is beneficial for you. We love to work for your benefits, that why we are open to discuss any other product selected by you with open mind. It will be logical and rational discussion.

Our Unique Proposition

As of now, We are the only fee based health insurance consultant in India. Mostly , You interact with insurance agent or customer care executives or brokers, who are giving you suggestions with a vested interest. Most people lack practical experience claim so they are just selling you products with a vested interest of selling. Health Insurance industry is very dynamic so no policy can give you 100% solution as perfect product does not exist. We help you in identifying your actual need and make you aware  so that you can follow a road map to achieve long term risk protection.