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Our Process Of Consultation


You Choose your package from our website as per

  1. FAMILY SIZE ( Individual or Family ( Husband wife and with children upto 24 yrs) or Family with or Without Parents)

2. PRE EXISTING DISEASE ( Present or previous Medical History Like BP, Diabetes , Thyroid, Asthma , TB , Kidney stone , Gynae issues etc) OR NO Medical history

3. DURATION ( NO OF DAYS OF VALIDITY of consultation )

In 3 days ( 1 telephonic discussions of 30 min)
In 7 days ( 2 telephonic discussions of 30 min each)
In 15 or 21 days ( 3 telephonic discussion of 30 min each)
In 30 days ( 4 telephonic discussion of 30 min each

If you are not comfortable doing it online , then whatsapp us at 705143936 , We will share alternate payment details .

After payment send the screenshot at

We will send you an excel format (with sample data), Use this file to send us your details back by mail in same excel sheet.

Then we schedule a time slot to discuss as per mutual convenience.

Discussion is mostly over phone call. ( As a practice, We dont call anyone , so Kindly call us at scheduled time)

After discussion , We will send you options ..Rest of the steps will be communicated to you.

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