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How to buy Policy from us?

You have finalized a product on your own or with our professional help. Now you are looking for an agent.
We can act as your Intermediary. You can buy from us with benefits of the following process. (This decision of yours is totally optional, you can buy from anywhere. We never insist for it)
Our team will help you in Filling proposal form as well make you aware of other underwriting / pre insurance steps in buying Policy.

Now , Once Policy is issued , we will discuss about our claim support eco system. We will discuss various systems and processes for all unforeseen scenarios. We will do one hour session over our role and responsibility in your claim settlement in future.
We will guide you in setting up whole system and process for the future journey including reviews in various milestones. ( Health Insurance is a life long Journey)

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Health Insurance Sahi Hai

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Health Insurance Sahi Hai

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Why You Should Take Consultancy from us?

With our Duly Defined process, you get the best advice on Health Insurance. We help you Understand your policy, get answers to your Doubts and Then you are free to buy insurance from anywhere else.

Questions in your mind

Frequently Asked Questions

Individual health insurance is an insurance plan that offers medical coverage to a person on an individual sum insured basis. It refers to the type of health insurance plan that needs to be purchased separately for each family member.

Individual health insurance is for anyone who doesn’t have access to employer-sponsored or government-run health coverage. This includes people who are employed by a small business that doesn’t provide health benefits, people who are self-employed, and people who wants to have their own policy coverage before they retire.

Buying a health insurance policy for yourself and your family is important because medical care is expensive, especially in the private sector. Hospitalisation can burn a hole in your pocket and derail your finances

Because we are trained Health Insurance Professionals , who have spent our careers dedicated to the profession. We care deeply about pivotal role of transparency in health insurance buying process. (In case you’re wondering, our Fee based consultancy comes with fully refundable guarantee in case of dis satisfaction , without any questions asked.

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