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Policy Purchase

You can contact us to understand best practices of policy buying process. In this we are not recommending you any policy. We are not selling you any policy.



One and the only fee-based consultant in Health Insurance in India, Take Unbiased suggestions, buy from anywhere from a place of your choice


Claim Suggestions

If your claim is under dispute, you can contact us to understand your situation in simplified manner. We don’t assist in claims, we don’t promise claim settlement.


Sales Training

Insurance agents in a group of 5 people , can contact us to take online sales training for skill improvement and business planning. Mail us to know more details

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Our fee is revised from June 2023

We are going Live Every Sunday @ 11 am for Live Q & A Session, Ask anything , Suggest anything.

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Live sessions on Youtube channel can be joined free for Q&A. Later,  they can be viewed by Members only.


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Our services

Our Services

Why People Choose Our Services and Not Others?

Being India’s only fee based health insurance consultant, We follow strict ethical standards to ensure Health Insurance recommendations, Which are in your best interest.  We have real time claim experiences of various companies for more than 15 years. All other people are selling you their products.



We are the first and only fee based health insurance consultant

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No Vested Interest

You have paid minimal upfront fee, We are not selling you anything.


100% refund

You can ask us for refund in case of dissatisfaction (even after completion of process)

Are There Any Other Questions?

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We are a team with practical and professional experience

Our promotor has Engineering background with a Black belt in Quality Assurance from ASQ. He has worked with various insurance companies in past decades. Backed with his vast practical claim experience, We are able to give you real time assessment and tailor made solutions as per your specific needs.

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Health Insurance Sahi Hai

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Bima Sugam

India is the 10th largest insurance market in the world, and it’s poised to be...

A Promise of Unbiased Professional Advice

Our team will provide you with practical perspective for your specific needs.

  • Realtime Claim experience
  • Speed and Clarity
  • Only Logical Discussion, No Vague Gyan

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