Who is Fee Based Health Insurance Consultant ?

A Fee Only Health Insurance Consultant is someone, who charges an upfront fee for Health insurance planning and advice. In this way, the Consultant can make recommendations without any vested interest or bias.

A Fee Only Health Insurance Consultant does not have any conflict of interest; We are just giving you recommendations to take care of your goals and objectives.

Why Should You Work with Fee Only Health Insurance Consultant?

As Fee Only Health Insurance Consultants recommend as per your specific needs, there is no bias. You are free to buy Policy from anywhere (from a place of your choice). The recommendations for the clients are more aligned towards their need and interests. They do the risk profiling and risk analysis to understand specific requirement, which is not available with insurance agents.

Advantage Of Fee Only Health Insurance Consultant?

The Fee is 100% refundable, If you are dis satisfied at any stage of consultation. In case of dissatisfaction, We will refund the fee, even if full consultation is completed. No Questions asked.

How Much Do Fee Only Health Insurance Consultant Charge In India?

Fee starts from 499.
You Choose your package from our website as per
1. Family size (Individual, Family with small children or with parents)
2. Duration (No of days of validity)
3. Pre-existing disease / Medical History or not.

What is your process of consultation?

  1. You Choose your package from our website as per your family size, no of days and medical history.
  2. If you are not doing it online, then after payment send the screenshot at healthinsurancesahihai@gmail.com
  3. We will send you an excel format (with sample data), Use this file to send us your details back by mail in same excel sheet.
  4. Then we schedule a time slot to discuss as per mutual convenience.
  5. Discussion is mostly over phone call. (As a practice, We don’t call anyone , so Kindly call us at scheduled time)
  6. After discussion, we will send you options via mail. Then another phone call is scheduled for further discussion. You are free to buy policy from place of your choice. We are not selling you anything here.

What is this Duration (( How many days or hours we can discuss in various packages? ))

In 7 days ( 2 telephonic discussions of 30 min each)
In 15 or 21 days ( 3 telephonic discussion of 30 min each)
In 30 days ( 4 telephonic discussion of 30 min each)

Choose your package wisely so we can have quality discussion.

Do you provide detailed comparison of all recommendations?

No, we give a brief comparison of important features of the recommended policies. For detailed comparison, Pl refer policy brochures.

Few Changes from 24th March 2024

As per your suggestions, We are implementing 2 major changes.

  1. Reduction of consultancy fee.
  2. Fee will be refunded to only those who opt to VOLUNTARILY buy policy from us from 24th March 2024 onwards.

We will do this trial till 30th June 2024 and then review.

Pl note:- We will keep on advising in the same unbiased manner as earlier. No other changes.