Cost and Limits of Covid claims

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Health Insurance cares for the safety of you and your family members during this pandemic. We urge you to take utmost care of your health and stay safe.

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In accordance to recently published Regulatory guidelines, the rates for COVID-19 treatment have been revised with effect from 7th July 2020.

Please refer to the rates mentioned below:
The revised rates include:

Nursing Charges
Room Stay & Meals
COVID testing
Monitoring & Investigations –Biochem & Imaging; Physiotherapy
PPEDrugs & Medical Consumables
Biochemical Waste Management & other Protective gear
Bed side procedures like Ryles tube insertion, urinary tract Catheterization

The Exclusions Per Diem Basis are:Interventional Procedures like, but not limited to, Central Line insertion, Chemoport Insertion, bronchoscopic procedures, biopsies, ascitic /pleural tapping, etc, which may be charges at the rack rate as on 31 st December 2019High end drugs like Immunoglobulins, Meropenem, Parentral Nutrition, Tocilizumab, etc – to be charged at MRPHigh end investigations like MRI, PET scan – to be charges at rack rates of hospital as on 31 st December 2019Dead body storage & carriage @ Rs. 5000/-Treatment of any co-morbid conditions, an additional amount of up to Rs. 5000/- would be allowedPlease note that above cost is set for Metropolitan cities only.Other state capitals will have cost up to 90%.All other states will have up to 75% of the above mentioned cost.

Investigations will be part of per day cost but some of the investigations which are done frequently have also been capped as below:
Arterial Blood Gases (ABG) – Rs.400/-
Blood Sugar Level (BSL) – Rs.100/-
D – Dimer Levels – Rs.800/-
Haemograms – Rs.150/-CT
Chest – Rs.3500/-
X-Ray Chest – Rs.500/-
ECG – Rs.300/-

These rates will be applicable to both cashless and reimbursement Covid-19 claims in States/Union territories/Cities where any Government Authority has not published standard charges for Covid-19 treatment. Wherever, Covid-19 treatment charges have been published by any Government Authority, those charges shall be applicable to insurance claims with insurance companies.