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What is Health Insurance ?

Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly .

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These are our various videos on Health Insurance.

What do we offer in Health Insurance Consultancy in 499 ? Know our process, How do we help you ?

Health Insurance Policy and Corona Virus in India. Does your Policy cover it ? What can we do in lockdown ?

Buy Best health Insurance in India ..

How IRDA helps Policy Holders in India ? Know your rights and facilities.

Top 3 Questions in Health Insurance in India by most people.

Why search for Best Health Insurance Policy in India is not Possible ?

What is Health Insurance ? Know everything about it..

Why most people should avoid Group Bank Insurance Policy ? They have no future. See their history of last 15 years, how they have collapsed.

Avoid these common mistakes, When you are buying Health Insurance in India.

Why its wastage of time in giving importance to ever changing Claim settlement ratio ? Dont be judgemental , Instead focus on your need.

How to renew your Health Insurance Policy ?

Always try to buy a policy with a Pre Insurance medical checkup . Never fall in trap of buying an Insurance policy without Pre Insurance Health Insurance Checkup.

Free Health Insurance Consultancy from our team for these brave people.

What is Pre Existing Disease and why claims are rejected ? Always buy policy from an insurance Professional.

What are the problems with Online Policies ? Dot trust them blindly.

Is there a way to select Best Health Insurance Policy for your family ? Check..

Health Insurance and tax benefits, Which is more important ?

Difference in Inhouse and Third Party claim settlement ? What is the truth ?

First Step in buying Health Insurance Policy ? If you want to buy on your own , without any help.

Second Step in buying Health Insurance Policy ? If you want to buy on your own , without any help.

Third Step in buying Health Insurance Policy ? If you want to buy on your own , without any help.

Comparison in ICICI Lombard and Apollo Munich is Possible ? No two products are alike.

Buy Policy Online or Offline ?

Why Premium are different for all Policies ?

How to find best Health Insurance Policies ?

Avoid buying a policy with room rent limit . See, how claim are deducted ?

How to choose your Insurance agent , Consultant or Professional ?

What is Personal Accident Policy ?

Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens in India.

What is the right process to buy Health Insurance Policy in India ?

Avoid Health Insurance Portability, If your age is high. Know the process of Health Insurance Portability in India ?

Difference in Recharge , Restore , Refill etc. Avoid such features, they are unnecessary.

Health Insurance Policy for Diabetic patients, especially Insulin takers.

Buy a Policy , even if you have Group Health Insurance from your Company.

15 Hidden facts of Health Insurance Industry in India

Critical Illness Policy .

How much Sum Insured , We should buy ?

Selecting a health insurance agent is an important decision. Like picking a doctor or a lawyer, you need to work with people who you are comfortable with and have considerable knowledge about their profession.

Make sure that the agent Devotes the time needed to understand and serve your health insurance needs.

He should demonstrate clear knowledge about the various types of insurance policies that are available and can plainly explain your choices.

He must have a proven track record of excellent customer service. He must be licensed by your insurance company

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