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HDFC ERGO Energy- An Exclusive Plan for your Diabetes

Get covered for type 1 & 2 diabetes from day 1 with the Energy Plan

Energy- An Exclusive Plan for your Diabetes

Sugar-free everything, skipping parties, cutting down on chai, orthopaedic shoes, insulin bags, bitter Gourd (karela) juice, and whatnot. We understand living with diabetes can sometimes feel lonely and painful. But it does not have to be that way anymore. The Energy health plan from HDFC ERGO is specially designed for people with Diabetes and Hypertension. The Energy plan covers your diabetes and its complications; it also partners you in living with diabetes successfully. A health insurance plan that genuinely understands diabetes. Isn’t it sweet?

Active Wellness Program

Wellness program and personalized health coach to help you monitor and manage your health. This plan also offers reward points which can give you a 25% renewal premium discount for staying healthy.

No Waiting Periods

Energy Health plan gives you coverage from Day 1 for all hospitalization arising out of Diabetes and Hypertension.

Reward Bucket

Based on the results of your medical tests and critical health parameters such as BMI, BP, HbA1c, and Cholesterol, This policy offer you incentives for staying healthy.

Sum Insured Restore

Worried about sum insured shortage to treat illnesses? With sum insured rebound, you get instant addition of 100% necessary sum insured to your cover, on your first claim.

What is covered in a Diabetes health insurance policy?

Hospitalization expenses

Just like every other health insurance plan, we cover you for hospitalization due to illnesses and injuries seamlessly.

Pre and post-hospitalisation

Your costs for diagnosis, investigation, are covered too. All your pre-hospitalization expenses up to 30 days before admission and post-discharge expenses till 60 days are included.

Day-care procedures

Covers day care treatments taken in a Hospital /Day care center in less than 24 hours because of technological advancement.

Emergency Road Ambulance

If you need to, rush to a hospital in case of an emergency. Your ambulance costs are covered up to ₹. 2000 per hospitalization.

Organ Donor Expenses

Organ donation is a noble cause. Hence, we cover the medical and surgical expenses of the organ donor when harvesting a major organ transplant.

Lifelong renewability

Once you get yourself secured with our health insurance plan, there’s no looking back. This health insurance plan continues for your entire lifetime on break free renewals.

Save Tax

Did you know that a health insurance plan is not just meant to safeguard your savings but also help you save tax? Yes, you can save tax upto ₹ 75,000 with HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plans.

HbA1C Benefit

Your costs of HbA1C tests are covered up to ₹ 750 per policy year. Two complete medical check-ups known as wellness tests are also payable up to ₹2000 for Gold Plan on a cashless basis.

Personalized wellness portal

Get Access to a personal wellness Web Portal that tracks and stores all your medical records. It helps you monitor your condition and provides you with special offers for purchase of health products that you may need.

Health Coach

Get Personalized highly trained Health Coach to guide, remind, and create your nutrition and fitness plans

Wellness Support

Get access to a centralized helpline available to answer any queries that you may have. Monthly newsletters to provide you with valuable information on healthcare and management

reward points

Based on the results of your medical tests and critical health parameters such as BMI, BP, HbA1c and Cholesterol, we offer you Renewal premium discounts of up to 25%.

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