Do I need My own policy , If I Already have Group Health Insurance ?

Yes !

Even if you have group insurance by your company, you need a seperate policy for yourself due to following reasons.

1 Group insurance have limited sum insured, you might need more. Due to inflation , we may need more than 10 lac cover. Most of the group health policy don’t offer more than 3 lac

2 If you change job, most of the time you are under risk due to no medical cover due to break in joining another policy. When you join new company, the cover does not start immediately.

3 If you got a critical illness, nobody will give your a cover after your company throw you out. You are not earning money , there is no health insurance also. Don’t ever land in such stupid situation.


4 Your next company may or may not give you a insurance cover.


5. Many company does not give heath insurance for newly joined employees.


6. Most of the group health policy have room rent limits.


7. In long run, You have to pay premium for group policy our of your CTC. Most people don’t check it all.