Compare Religare Care Vs Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Vs Star Health Red Carpet


Religare Health Insurance has done a great job by designing a product which is beneficial for all age groups. Its only product in market which offers ” Win Win ” for Customers , company and advisors. Here is a review and comparison of Religare care , Bajaj Allianz silver Health and Star health senior citizen red carpet policy.


Religare CareBajaj Allianz Silver HealthStar Health Red Carpet
No upper age limit barAge Limit  46 – 70 yearsLower Age limit is 60 and upper is 74
Guaranteed  Renewal at all agesRenewal only up to 75Guaranteed renewal after 75 years
Sum Insured 200000 to 6000000Sum Insured 50000 to 500000Sum Insured 100000 to 500000
Pre Insurance medical test is mandatory for all senior citizen of any sum assured category. However once your policy is issued you can be rest assured about claims.Pre acceptance medical tests at the cost of proposer. If the policy gets accepted then the amount will be reimburse by the companyNo Pre Insurance medical test is required. i.e. the policy will be issued purely on utmost good faith and there is always a question on claim settlement
Preexisting diseases are covered only after 4 years.Preexisting diseases are covered from 2nd year of policy. However any joint replacement surgery is not covered up to 4 years except accidental cases.Pre Existing diseases are covered from first year only except for that disease for which medical advice/treatment was recommended in preceding 12 months.
170 day care procedures130 day care procedures101 day care procedures
Copayment is not applicable if your sum assured is below 500000. Co Payment is 20% for all. As because this policy is not a separate senior citizen policy, anyone who enters the contract even at 59, doesn’t have any copayment lifelong.In case of preexisting diseases company will bear 50% of the claim form second year onwards. Apart from this there is a co payment of 20% for treatment in non-network hospitals.There is 50% copayment for preexisting diseases for all years and all sum assured category. There is 30% copayment for all other diseases and surgeries for all years and all sum assured category.
Room Rent is 1% of sum insured only for 2,3 and 4 lacs sum insured. Where the sum assured is 5 lacs and above we don’t have any limit on room rent.No limit on room rentRoom Rent is up to 1% of Sum insured, maximum being 4000
ICU charges is 2% of sum insured in 2, 3 and 4 lacs sum insured bracket and above this , there is no limit on ICU charges.No Limit on ICU ChargesICU rent is up to 2% of sum insured.
Ambulance covers starting from 1500/- per claim. This is available up to 3000/- per claim.Emergency ambulance service available subject to a limit of 1000/-.Emergency Ambulance service available to up to 600/- per hospitalization, maximum being 1200/- in a policy year.
There’s no sub limit on surgeriesNo sub limits on surgeriesCerebra vascular accident, cancer, cardio vascular disease, breakage of bones and renal complications are covered but only up to an extend of 75%(1L,2L), 53.3%(3L),42.5%(4L), 36%(5L) of the sum insured and 25% should be beard by the customer.
   Whatsapp at 7015143936 for free Health Insurance Information.     Whatsapp at 7015143936 for free Health Insurance Quotes , Claim Ratio Statistics , Comparison .Whatsapp at 7015143936 for Health Insurance for Heart Patients , Cancer Patients , People on Insulin 
No loading at all whatsoever.Loading applicable.There’s 20% to 50% loading on premium on renewal of policy in case of claims in previous year.
 Cashless/reimbursement both modes are available.Cashless/reimbursement both modes are available.Only on cashless basis in network hospitals.
Recharge Facility available up to 100% of sum insured. It’s double sum insured proposition.Recharge facility not availableRecharge facility not available
Free Annual Health Checkup for all adult members.Free Annual Health Checkup is not availableFree Annual Health Checkup is not available
Abroad  hospitalization is avilable in 50 to 60 lacs sum insuredAbroad hospitalization is not possibleAbroad hospitalization is not possible
Maximum possible sum insured is 60 lacs, which is also the highest cover in industry.Maximum possible sum insured is 5 lacsMaximum possible sum insured is 5 lacs
Second Opinion could be arranged in case of selected 15 critical diseases or surgeries absolutely free of costSuch facilities are not availableSuch facilities are not available
Daily Cash allowance of 500/per day up to 5 days is available for each hospitalization.Daily Cash allowance benefit is not availableDaily Cash allowance benefit is not available

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