20 Point Check List For Buying Health Insurance Policy


There are so many Insurance Companies offering Health Insurance Policies in India and It has created a great confusion among people, that which company is better and which product feature a person must opt for.

Few points should be considered , when you choose a company….

1. How old the company is?

2. Is it a specialist in Health Insurance , A well known brand  for claim experience? Ask a wealthy Doctor , he can give a good feedback. 

3. How many health Insurance products, this company has? It shows their focus on building portfolio.

4. In house claim settlement or Third Party Administrator ? My perspective, both are good. TPA has better experience and more hospitals on network.

5. How far is The Service branch from you ? If your advisor has the capability to help you in all aspects, then this cant be deciding factor.

6. Whats response of customer care Toll free number ? You can give a call and check it out.

7. Does features of the product matches the premium ? Every company has different premium as per value added features. See it from perspective of your insurance needs.

8.  Can I increase my sum insured in future ? How much high cover is possible in this product. ?

9. What are the premiums after age 51 , 56, 61 , 66? Always check that

10. Individual or Family Floater is better for me ? Ask your consultant about the difference and how it matters to you…

11.  Choose from Pvt or Public sector company. Well this is again a very good emotional factor for older generation.

12. Do I benefit in some way by Directly from a company ( Online ) or From an agent or a Broker ?

13. How much Sum insured is sufficient?

14. Which is the best company in claim settlement ?

15. Will I be able to use portability in future with this product ?

16. Does it provide cashless without  room rent limit in Super specialist hospital ? Very crucial.

17. Whom to ask , there are life insurance agents , general insurance agents ,,,,No Health Insurance advisor…?  Ask a guy , who is unbiased.

18. Fix a dead line to buy it.. Dont hurry , but dont delay much.

19. Does my agent has settled previous claim…Does he have many claim settlement experiences ?

20. Do I know enough about claim procedure, In case my agent does not help ?

Ask us more , we will try to help you.

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