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Star Health Diabetes Safe Policy


Star Health Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy

  • Covers hospitalization expenses for complications of Diabetes, both type 1 and type 2 and other than complications of diabetes
  • Policy can be taken on Individual and Floater basis.
  • Two Plans are available – Plan A and Plan B.
  • Plan A – Pre-acceptance medical screening is compulsory.
  • Plan B – There is no pre-acceptance medical screening.
  • No Waiting Period for Plan A. 15 months waiting period for Plan B.
  • Out Patient expenses – for Medical consultations, Diagnostic tests, medicine and drugs
  • Compensation for Accidental Death of the chosen insured person
  • Donor expenses for kidney transplant surgery
  • Dialysis expenses @ Rs.1000/- per sitting up to 24 months
  • Cost of artificial limbs due to amputation up to specified limits.
  • Automatic restoration of entire Sum insured
  • More than 400 day care procedures covered.
Coverage and Features
Section 1:

Covers Hospitalization expenses due to complications of diabetes. Room, Nursing and Boarding Charges, Surgeons fees, Anaesthetist, Drugs and medicines

Section 2 :

Covers Hospitalization expenses for other than  complications of diabetes.

Section 3:

Out-Patient Expenses :  Medical Consultation, Expenses for Diagnostic tests up to specified limits

Section 4:

Personal Accident : Compensation for Accidental Death of the chosen insured person    @ 100% of the health sum insured opted

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