We want to buy policy from you ..



How to buy Policy from us?

You have finalised a Product on your own or with our help.. Now you are looking for an agent .

We can act as your intermediary. You can buy from us with the following process.( Its totally optional , You can buy from anywhere)

1. Our team will help you in proposal form filling as well other underwriting/ pre-insurance steps in buying policy.

2. Once Policy is issued, We will discuss about various followup steps.

3. We will do one hour session over our role in your claim settlement in future.

4. We will guide you in setting up system and process for the future journey… ( Health Insurance is a life long journey, lots of reviews are required in future 🙂   )

5. We will also depute an insurance company official for future claim assistance .

To know more , Go through this video


Whatsapp at 7015143936 to know more

mail at healthinsurancesahihai@gmail.com to know more