Health Insurance Is A Necessity ? ….By Max Bupa


With its comprehensive campaign for health insurance, asking, #AbNahiKharidogeToKab?, one of India’s leading insurance providers, Max Bupa Health Insurance Company has brought the focus back on that one thing, which is essential for you to lead a worry-free life – a suitable health insurance plan. However, the question even more important than when you will buy a plan is why do you need health insurance coverage? And there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Instead, we will take you through the multiple benefits of a good health insurance plan, to help you understand why it is a necessity in today’s time and age.

Cover Against Covid-19 treatment

The most pertinent issue that faces an individual or a family today is how to save ourselves from this deadly virus, which has turned the world upside down. While gloves, masks, sanitizers might have already become parts of our lives, it is the health insurance that is going to give you and your family that longevity you crave for. Whether you are concerned for your family’s health, which may or may not include your aged parents, in-laws, siblings, spouse & children, or want to keep your individual self covered against any eventuality arising out of the pandemic, a Covid-19-specific health cover is the smartest decision you are going to make. Choosing a plan like Max Bupa’s “Corona Kavach” gives you that shining armor against all the possible expenses arising out of Covid-19 treatment. In order to save your hard-earned savings, Corona Kavach Family Floater plan provides you insurance coverage between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000, with flexible tenure payments lasting 3.5, 6.5 or 9.5 months. Other benefits include – Co-morbidities cover, home-care treatment of the Sum Insured Value, and Family Combination Applicable up to 2 adults and four children.

Bringing its own expertise into play during the ongoing pandemic, Max Bupa has also employed a chain of measures like improving its digital assistance, reducing the initial waiting period to 15 days, ramping up its claims processes, and offering counseling & fitness sessions to interested clients.

Lifestyle Challenges

However healthy you may think your lifestyle is, the bane of modern life is that chronic diseases are a part of it, one way or another. Whether it is your family member or you, health insurance is one thing you cannot ignore if you don’t want to go bankrupt while paying for hefty hospital bills, especially in case of unforeseen medical conditions. In absence of a proper health insurance policy, falling sick can be mentally daunting. In the case of elderly parents in your family, who are dependent on you, it is even more critical to get a comprehensive family floater policy, which allows you the benefit of a smart investment. But before you finalize a policy, get complete and detailed information about the diseases covered in your policy, the benefits enlisted, and the company’s policy in case of contingency situations.

New-Age Medical Treatments

The world is changing fast and so is medical treatment. Surgeries that were unheard of till a few years ago are now the new norm, especially for those who are either compelled by the health conditions that are moved by their aesthetic needs. Health insurance companies are providing cashless access even in case of new-age medical procedures like laser surgery, bariatric surgery, and robotic treatments, which are highly recommended these days by medical professionals to cure a variety of ailments. While these treatments are better suited to the human body, the same cannot be said about their impact on your pocket. Something like Max Bupa’s Health Premia plan, which comes in Silver, Gold & Platinum packages, suits the insurance needs of every individual or family.

Health insurance is the need of the hour and it is high time you get a comprehensive cover!

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