HDFC Ergo Optima Secure, Good or Bad for you ?

Health Insurance Sahi Hai

With the uptick in the health segment along with enhanced digital solutions, the premium growth of the non-life companies is returning to the pre-pandemic levels again. This is more apparent by the launch of many health insurance products in the last few months.

Joining the trend, HDFC ERGO launched optima secure health policy that offers coverage of four times the sum insured. The policy also guarantees coverage for listed non-medical expenses.

The policy comes with four different distinct features that are:

Secure benefit: The health policy doubles the insurance cover instantly and automatically, once the policyholder purchases the policy.

Plus benefit: After one year, this policy increases the base coverage automatically by 50% and up to 100% after two years, even if there is a claim.

Restore benefit: This policy restores your base coverage up to 100% in case if you run out of coverage.

Protect benefit: With this, there is zero deduction on consumables and listed non-medical expenses. One can avail of the base cover starting from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 2 crore.

How does the policy work?

For instance, if you select a sum insured of Rs 10 lakhs, under the secure benefit, this will instantly increase your Rs 10 lakhs base cover to Rs 20 lakhs at no extra cost.

Under plus benefit, on the renewal of your first year, your base cover will be increased by 50% after one year and 100% after two years taking your insured amount from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh in one year and Rs 20 lakh after two years. In short, your total cover now reaches Rs 30 lakh that is three times your base cover.

That said, with the restore benefit in the event of making a claim, whether partial or total of Rs 10 lakh base cover, it gets 100% restored for any subsequent claims within the same year.

For a 30-year-old person who needs Rs 10 lakh cover for this policy, has to pay a premium of Rs 21,945 per year.

In comparison, Many company offer 1 Crore Basic Policy within 14000, So there is no need to go for 10 lac policy in 21945.