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Standard Items not payable in Health Insurance Claim

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HealthInsuranceS.No Item Payable/Non PayableHair removing cream charges Not PayableBaby Charges (unless specified/indicated) Not PayableBaby Food Not PayableBaby Utilites Charges Not PayableBaby Set Not PayableBaby Bottles Not PayableBottle Not PayableBrush Not PayableCosy Towel Not PayableHand Wash Not PayableMoisturiser Paste Brush Not PayablePowder Not PayableRazor Not PayableTowel Not PayableShoe Cover Not PayableBeauty Services Not PayableBelts/ Braces Payable […]

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Health Insurers will get more time

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The guidelines provide a list of optional items that insurers can consider covering under the product along with a list of common items that need to be subsumed under various heads of hospitalisation bills such as room rent, procedure charges and cost of treatment.

The regulator has allowed health insurance companies to meet its new standardised guidelines by October next year, giving the players an extension by a year. In a bid to ensure uniformity in the terms and conditions of a health policy, including what to exclude and include in the document, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority […]